How We’re Solving the Underground Localization Problem

Localization of mobile devices underground can be extremely challenging. At Peck Tech Consulting Ltd., we realize the limitations of current localization technology and are striving to create innovative solutions that will improve the localization process for underground mines throughout the world.

How We’re Solving the Underground Localization Problem

Technologies Available on the Market

Currently, there are several types of technologies available to combat the difficulties of localization underground. For example, Wi-Fi and RFID systems position themselves based on proximity to the area’s nearest Wi-Fi access points and allow users to monitor any wireless assets over their mobile LAN.

While these types of technologies work well on the surface, they are less accurate and reliable underground. This inaccuracy is due to a variety of different factors, like interference from the rock mass. These technologies are also difficult and expensive to maintain because they rely on the infrastructure of the mine, such as the power cables, network cables, and access points, to operate.

Our Solution

We have developed a solution to the localization problem underground: we call this the uGPS platform. This technology provides underground operators with positioning accuracies comparable to L1 GPS and in a similar data stream (NMEA) to common surface-based systems. It is infrastructure-independent, easy to install and integrates seamlessly with third party systems/software.

uGPSThis technology has the potential to enhance underground fleet management systems (a rapidly growing market), which can take advantage of the high accuracy positioning data for improved asset tracking. In turn, this could lead to significant improvements in emergency response capabilities for underground mine rescue. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Underground Fleet Management System.


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